PHD Graduates

  1. Ammar Ali: Presenting a Model for Assessing The effect of technology Transfer Institutions on Technological Learning; Case Study of Syrian Textile Industry, 2017, Tarbiat Modares University
  2. Shiva Tatina: Designing a Model for Innovation Policy Making in Large Technological Systems Under the Circumstances of Economic Structure Transition; Case Study of Oil and Gas Drilling Industry, 2017, Tarbiat Modares University.
  3. Sanam Farnoodi: Designing the Framework of Knowledge Based Companies in Iran Based on Innovation Motors, 2017, Islamic Azad University, Science and Research Branch.
  4. Mahdieh Farazkish: Designing an Evaluation Model for Science, Technology and Innovation Process of Iranian Governmental Organizations, 2016, Tarbiat Modares University.
  5. Nasrin Dastranj: Designing a Framework for Technology Roadmapping based on Learning: Case Study of Social Banking in Iran, 2016, Tarbiat Modares University (TMU).
  6. Maryam Mirzaei: Future Business model Design Pattern in Iran Software Industry Using Scenario and Roadmap merger, 2016, University of Tehran.
  7. Sahar Kousari: Designing Portfolio for nano-technologies to achieve the desired scenario of societal impacts: a morphological approach, 2016, University of Tehran.
  8. Mojdeh Mirimoghadam: Introducing a model for Formation of a Sectoral Learning system in the Oil Industry, Tarbiat Modares University.
  9. Meysam Narimani: Extracting technology & innovation policies on the Basic of rival Economic approaches policy implications convergence. Case study of Iran Technology policies, 2015, Tarbiat Modares University.
  10. Javad Vaziri Goodarzi: Socio-technical Transition Pathway of I.R.Iran Defense Industry, 2016, Tarbiat Modares University (TMU).
  11. Ali Bitaab: Designing a model and explaining the Role of social capital on the functions of national Innovation System, 2014, Tarbiat Modares University.
  12. Fatemeh Hoshdar: Developing an Alignment Model for technology Planning Based on Technology Roadmapping: Case Study Iranian Petroleum Industry, 2014, Islamic Azad University, Science and Research Branch.
  13. Maryam Daneshmand-Mehr: Developing a Model for Integrating Decisions in Technology Read mapping using Fuzzy PROMETHEE, 2014, Tarbiat Modares University.
  14. Parisa Riahi: Typology of Regional Innovation Behavior in the Shade in the Shade of Broad Approach to Innovation Systems: Case of the Provinces of Iran, 2013, Tarbiat Modares University.